The Best Kids Party Ideas of 2017 for the Space Coast

We have selected some of the best kids party ideas of 2017 for you to check out in one spot.  Living on the Space Coast means we have beautiful weather all year long which means outdoor activities are a must.  All of these party ideas go great with your bounce house rental from American Bounce and Slide.

Colored Powder Party

Best Kids Party Ideas of 2017

Yes it’s messy but your kids and their friends will have a blast in the backyard throwing the bright colored powered at one another!  When it’s time to clean up use a hose a sprinkler to easily wash off the non toxic powder before the kids dry off and go inside for cake.  You can even make the colored powder yourself by following these instructions.

Space Coast Surf Party

Living on the Space Coast definitely has its advantages; being close to the beach is definitely one of them.  Throw your kids a surf themed birthday party at home!  There are great decorations, fun activities and no sand to clean up!  The tropical theme is fun for adults too, especially if you throw an adult only late night luau once the kids go to sleep!  Our Jump and Splash Bounce House is a great match for this party.

Backyard Carnival Party

You might have missed the fair the last time around, but anytime of the year is perfect for a backyard carnival party!  You can create your own games, booths, and even have homemade popcorn!  Martha Stewart has some more great ideas of this DIY party.  American Bounce and Slide not only has your bounce house rental covered, but the snow cone machine and face painting too!

Have more great party ideas for kids?  Share them in our comments section below!