The Blue Crush Water Slide is one of our most popular rental units.  It is perfect for any event, party or function and is sure to leave your guests wanting more.  Read on to learn more about the one of our most popular water slides!

Blue Crush Water Slide Specifications

The Blue Crush Water Slide can only be described with one word: Huge!  This slide is over 27ft tall and is a sight to see.  The slide itself is over 35ft long and will propel you right into the landing pool.  The overall dimensions for this monstrous slide is 27 ft H,20 ft W, 65 ft L.

Recommended Ages for Use

Once advantage of having a huge and durably built water slide at your party or event is who can use it to cool off.  We recommend children under 5 use a smaller slide, but anyone from ages 5 to adult can enjoy the thrill ride!  This makes it a perfect choice for any outdoor party for kids and adults alike.


Make sure to call us at 321-684-9667 or use our reservation form to request the Blue Crush Water Slide for your event or party.  It books up fast so don’t delay, it’s never too early to reserve!