American Bounce and Slide wants to ensure everyone at your party, event or festival uses our rentals in a safe manner. Please review our safety tips.

American Bounce and Slide understands there are other companies you may have considered to help celebrate your party. We aim to make your experience with our company satisfactory.

We are excited you chose us and look forward to serving you again in the future!!

The following “tips” will ensure a safe and fun filled day for you and your guests!

  1. If you are renting a waterslide, it is advised that you have your lawn cut 3-4 days prior to our arrival unless you or your lawn service uses a bagger for grass clippings. This helps so that fresh cut grass does not stick to little feet and end up in your pool!
  1. Yeah for Florida! Red ant capitol of the world! Spread ant killer 2 – 3 days prior to us arriving in and around the area you want the waterslide / bounce house to be. Also 24 hours before your party, check and retreat the stubborn ant piles. They especially LOVE to build under waterslides so this ensures no nasty bites on your guests!
  1. It is advised that invited guests wear only bathing attire on the waterslides. Zippers or metal attachments not only slow down the rider but also wear out our units slide liners causing riders to go slower and can also cause rips , tears and even sometimes injury.
  1. PLEASE read weight and height limits and any directions posted on the unit.
  1. If you are renting a dry bounce house, they are NOT intended to be used as a water unit. Injury from slipping will occur.
  1. Do NOT at any time use Silly String or soap or oils of any kind on or near our units. These items are prohibited due to safety concerns and also damage caused to stitching and vinyl of the units. We will charge an additional $100 for this.
  1. Have all riders remove eye glasses, pretty necklaces, dangling earrings or any other objects that can cause harm.
  1. shutterstock_29542009No surfboards, floats, tubes are to be used on the units. Our goal is the safety of your children and guests.
  1. Please be sure there is adult supervision at all times! All you parents know it only takes a second with your back turned for there to be accidents. Keep an eye on the amount of kids recommended for each unit at any given time.
  1. Finally, if you have those four legged family members, please be sure to do the beloved poop scoop prior to delivery. No one wants to splash into brown water….


Thank you in advance for renting with us!

American Bounce and Slide, Inc.


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