Children’s Birthday Parties

At American Bounce and Slide we make children’s birthday parties unforgettable.  We have the Space Coast’s best bounce houses and extreme water slides.  There is no better way to to celebrate a birthday party that at home with your friends and family.  Read on to see how easy it is to create the perfect bounce house party!

Invitations and Thank You Cards

Children’s birthday parties always start off with the invitations!  There are a lot of invitations we like out there, and of course you can always make your own.  Our favorite is from Amazon.  The design is simple and festive and there are even matching thank you cards for after the party.

children's birthday parties


The best part of having a bounce house party is it works for any theme!  No matter if you have a princess party, a tropical surf party, or a monster truck party a bounce house is always the perfect fit.  There are of course great bounce house themed decorations that are perfect for the occasion!  CraftCue from Etsy makes hand crafted decorations we absolutely love!

Children's birthday parties

Bounce House Cakes and Treats

What would a children’s birthday party be without cake?  There are a lot of creative options to have a bounce house cake made.  You can actually shape the cake as if it were a bounce house, or simply design one in frosting on a traditional cake.  No matter what you chose, all the options are delicious!

Childrens birthday parties

Games and Activities

There are countless games you can play with a bounce house!  One of our favorites is bounce and freeze.  The concept of the game is very simple, just like musical chairs.  Children can bounce when there is music play, but if anyone gets caught bouncing after the music stops you are out!  The last child in the bounce house wins!

The Perfect Party Every Time

No matter what type of party you choose to have, American Bounce and Slide can add the extra excitement you need with the perfect bounce house or water slide rental!

Call us at 321-684-9667 to learn more or reserve your rental today!